Have you ever wanted to be able to quickly write and print sheet music while also having the flexibility to publish those scores to a wide variety of formats like web pages, Word documents, and audio files but just didn’t have the time or money to invest in grossly overpriced music notation software products? The Maestro series of music composition and notation programs are perfect for anyone with the drive and creativity to compose or publish great looking printed music. Maestro Composer and Maestro Notation provide the power and flexibility required by professional musicians, composers, music publishers, music educators, students, and musicians of all genres. With all of the bells and whistles of products costing three to four times more, the Maestro series of music composition products provide professional level music notation at an affordable price.

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Maestro Composer

Maestro Composer can turn your musical ideas into clean, playable, and easy to read music notation files while using one of the most powerful and customizable music scoring systems on the market today. Maestro Composer lets you create clean, engraver quality prints of your music with a minimum of effort and time. You also get all of the features found in our Maestro Notation program, plus the ability to have total musical control over every single note in the entire composition. Using Maestro Composer’s built in editors you can fine tune every aspect of how the music is notated and played right down to the note velocity, attack, and decay of each individual note or by dragging and dropping dozens of dynamic markings and articulations directly into the music. When your composition is complete you can play back the entire score or save it as a high quality WAV or compressed MP3 using realistic sf2 sound fonts.


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Maestro Notation boxMaestro Notation

Anyone can create sheet music in Maestro Notation with just the click of a mouse. Musicians can speed through an entire composition by using Maestro Notation’s Quick Input mode or a variety of other note entry methods such as step time and real time note entry with a MIDI keyboard. For even greater speed and simplicity users can also import MusicXML files that have been scanned in from external applications. In addition to the many note entry options a wide variety of note and tool palettes provide access to almost any marking that a composer might need. With all of these different note entry methods you’ll be amazed at how fast and easy it is to go from musical concept to full length masterpieces in just minutes. Once your composition is complete you can use Maestro Notation’s easy part extraction function to print individual parts for each member of the ensemble.


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Maestro Notation boxMaestro Notation for MS Word

Maestro Notation for MS Word provides all the same great features of our Maestro Notation product plus the ability to easily add music notation to a Word document without the need for cutting and pasting from one program to the next. This innovative and very convenient integration with Word provides teachers, students, and musicians with the fastest way ever to create worksheets, exercises, and other resources. All changes made in the score editor are instantly reflected in the finished Word document. The program makes it incredibly easy to share your music because other users can quickly open, view, and print Word documents with embedded notation files even if they do not own a copy of Maestro Notation for MS Word.


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maestro performerMaestro Performer

Maestro Performer is a free viewer that allows musicians to display, transpose, print, and play back music written in the Maestro series of music notation software programs. Performer can also open other scores that are saved in the MusicXML, MIDI, or Karaoke file formats.


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maestro onlineMaestro Online

Maestro Online makes it easy to share and display scores created in Maestro Composer or Maestro Notation on any web site while also allowing the viewer to transpose, play back, and print the music directly from within their browser.


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