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Maestro Notation for MS Word
Licenses Price per license
1 $99.95
2-9 $89.95
10-20 $79.95
21-50 $69.95
51-100 $59.95
101-200 $49.95
201-500 $39.95
501+ $29.95


Maestro Notation for MS Word integrates the power and ease of use of Maestro Notation directly within Microsoft Word and other OLE enabled word processing programs. A simple mouse click is all it takes to add great looking music notation to any new or existing Word document.





With Maestro Notation for MS Word you can:

  • Dynamically create and insert music notation directly into any Microsoft Word document as well as into many other applications which support OLE embedding
  • Create, edit, and publish great looking musical scores
  • Save files as full scores or extract individual parts for each member of the ensemble
  • Save and print music in traditional sheet music layouts or edit them for use as brochures, worksheets, or method books
  • Do all of these things and more from within Microsoft Word, making changes quickly and easily without having to copy and paste between applications.

You also receive:

  • Free technical support via email or online forums
  • Free minor updates and bug fixes

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